Hello! We are Blaine and Kelsey Wright, together we are Wright Photographs. 2017 marks 10 years of shooting weddings together! It’s something crazy and something we never thought possible. We’ve realized that what makes our work best and our hearts beat is honest, authentic love and relationships captured. If you are looking to cross that photography vendor off your task list, we probably aren’t your people. On wedding days we observe and photograph real moments, we don’t overly pose people instead we look for interactions to happen naturally. We develop a relationship with our couples and are truly there for your every need. It’s your day and that’s what we are there for – YOU and  to capture that day – not a pretend version of the day. If you are looking for every single hair in its perfect place and the perfect toe pop photo, we aren’t likely the best fit. If you are looking for a couple to love on you and to shoot authentically, we ARE your people. We solely are seeking to capture your unguarded emotions. We want our couples to pull out their wedding photos and have all the emotions come flooding back so allow us to enter your relationship and capture that!

A little more about us, personally. We call Illinois home but thrive on traveling and seeing other parts of this beautiful world. We love God and people, and are thankful for the grace He gives us daily. We have two little girls, ages 1 and 3 – they are our everything. We love coffee and good food. We love going to our favorite bands’ shows and dreaming up the perfect mid century modern home. Blaine knows and loves design. He works with our church on that, while Kelsey buys things solely based on it’s packaging design. On our off days, you will find us cuddling up on the couch with coffee while our girls play or riding our bikes downtown for dinner.

Our work has been featured on (or won the following awards):

+ Style Me Pretty

+ How He Asked

+ Carats & Cake

+ Reverie Gallery

+ 2nd Place WPPI Engagement Album