In Home Anniversary | The Kappers

Oh sessions at home, they're honestly such a conundrum for me. The concept behind them pulls right at my heart strings and I dive into them quickly, but then there's the opposite side of them I have a hard time with.  For example, do couples honestly (and regularly) run around in only underwear and tube socks, making a sweet desserts, and ending up in the bathtub?  I doubt it, but if so, more power to ya and you can call me old at this point!  So real life in home sessionsβ€”that's where it's at for me. Bri wanted to capture their anniversary in their little apartment where they've built so much of their relationship.  She was concerned about the light and the look of it but I told her to trust me, we would make it work.  While I do always prioritize light, authenticity falls just a half step we shot in their adorable fluorescent-ly lit kitchen.  Was the light ideal and moody?  Not totally, but it worked and it's them, this is where they've grown as individuals, made hard choices, built one another up, celebrated their goals and achievements, and created a bond for years to come. We focused on their favorite areas of the apartment, where they spend the most time and came up with these!  I love them (the photos and the people).