Rainy Fall Wedding | Bailey + Tanner

It rained on our wedding day almost 10 years ago, rained and rained...power flickering on and off, summer temps rising right along with the humidity and we were to wed in a small country church sans electricity (air conditioning). The entire day, people just kept saying, "don't worry about it, you'll still be married at the end of the day...ya da ya da da, blah."  It made me crazy to hear people saying that over and over, I didn't want to hear that, this day didn't end up how I expected so I needed to deal with it, quietly. All that to say, our couples with rainy wedding days get a really special place in my heart. I want our brides to know you can be upset, disappointed, and anxious about the day, I totally empathize with you. I know it won't be everything you anticipated but I promise my goal is to make sure you have beautiful memories. It may even turn out better than expected. Bailey and Tanner's wedding day began a lot like ours....weather - not favorable. Bailey and Tanner's ceremony was supposed to be outside on his family's farm under a gorgeous arbor that Tanner made, near a willow tree.  The torrential rain and massive winds definitely did not allow this to happen.  The tent reception became the new ceremony location but the winds kept compromising the tent.  The eventually had to tie the entire length of the tent down with multiple pick up trucks...like all the family and groomsmen grabbed their trucks and lined them up to ensure Bailey and Tanner had a place to get married.  Bailey was still up for a first look outside despite the rain and her face/tears say it all, she needed Tanner that day, during that storm.  The day ended in literal cupcakes and rainbows too :)