Late Summer Outdoor Wedding | Audie Kate + Matt

2017 was such a great wedding year, so many amazing couples.  Ascetically speaking, this one is in my top favorite weddings we've ever shot. Everything was beautiful. As soon as I saw Audie's dress I had to pick my jaw up off the floor :) I was obsessed! I mean this is the dress of my dreams! From the perfect weather, the girls' getting ready rompers, outdoor ceremony and reception, the reception dinner stations, the huge amount of time for photos, the gorgeous bridal party, and of course Audie and Matt. Audie and Matt were wonderful, sweet, kind, excited, happy, nervous...everything you should be on your wedding day. It was amazing! One of my favorite parts of the entire day was when Audie and Matt exchanged cards before seeing one another. Audie opened her card and of course, Matt unknowingly, was opening the exact same card from Audie. It was so cute to see her and her best gals giggling over their sappy, adorable love. One other part of the day that I couldn't get over was the way Matt and Audie were enjoying one another, like not just going through the motions of the day, but actually celebrating TOGETHER. They danced and laughed together throughout the reception; Matt was always grabbing Audie's hand and kissing it. So darn thankful we got to witness the love this couple has for one another!