Allerton Park Intimate + Intentional Wedding | Astrid + AJ

There's so much to say about this beautiful couple, first, they are stunning. It is sort of unreal how pretty they are!  They are so much more than their beautiful faces though - they have hearts of gold. They reflect so much of God's love and joy to the people around them and we are so thankful to have photographed their promises and love for one another. We shot Astrid and AJ's proposal and engagement so we got to know they really well, which is totally our jam! We love forming these relationships where we all have dinner together, text one another, and even bring our crazy girls into these relationships. Throughout the engagement, Astrid and AJ had so many ideas and plans in what they wanted their day to look like. They bounced from big wedding to small wedding, to elopement and beyond :) I think the way their wedding ended up was perfect for them. They were beaming the entire day. They planned their intimate day with such intentionality, not forgoing their wants and desires but also, not excluding those they wanted to share and celebrate with. What a compromise! AJ's face as he saw Astrid walk down the aisle made me cry, AJ's dad presiding over their intentions, they handwritten vows to one another, and the small celebration with desserts, champagne, family, and friends. After a small sendoff, Astrid and AJ took a great amount of time with us as we explored small bits of the park and shot their photos. After that, their private dinner at the edge of the gardens was waiting for them. Can you imagine starting your marriage like this? I can...and it's SO appealing to me. To wind down from the biggest day with the one who matters most, the one you just promised to do life with. This wedding is one for the books in my mind - it's humble, beautiful, and intentional love .