Nashville At Home Couples Session | Gabe + Candace

I am so excited to share these cute people :) I loved shooting this in home session during my time in Nashville, TN at the Cultivate Workshop. It was great to shoot indoors because...Midwest weather. It can be such a joke, haha! I would love to do more in home shoots, especially during cold seasons. If you're ever interested in shooting an in home session I would suggest a few things to make the experience (and end result) better. First it's mostly about available light - the room with the best light is where we are going to spend a majority of our time, so that's the space you will want to focus on getting ready. The more white space, the better - if possible! You don't have to go painting your walls all white but maybe you could switch around some blankets, sheets, and/or pillows so the most neutral items are in the shooting space. Another option, if you aren't totally into your home decor, is to rent an Air B&B for the shoot! It's a great option plus you have the space for the rest of the night! Next, when choosing outfits go for something comfortable that you can move in. This doesn't mean you have to compromise your style but you will want to be able to move freely during an in home shoot. It's kind of a strange thing because there's a lot of movement without a lot of movement! You will likely be cuddling, wrestling, sitting in all the spots around the room. I love helping our couples choose outfits as well as the spaces we will be shooting in so please don't hesitate to ask for input. The last thing I would suggest is preparing to be vulnerable, ready to allow us to shoot in such an intimate setting, your home. It's your space and your relationship and we are invading your turf. It might be strange and uncomfortable but if you prepare yourself and find a way to calm your nerves it will be so worth it. I love especially doing in home sessions when big moments are happening, like getting engaged, buying a new home/leaving the old one, preparing for baby, welcoming a new baby, and so on. Another way to relax during a home session in close quarters is to just do something! It can be anything, like baking, cooking dinner, drinking wine, swinging on the porch, reading, anything that puts you at ease. If one of you is reluctant to do an in home shoot (or photos in general) I would not suggest starting with an in home shoot. Outdoor shoots would be much more enjoyable if you're hesitant to photo shoots. There's a lot more "down time" during in home shoots, it's slower paced than an outdoor session, but can be just as much fun. I would suggest our introverted couples to consider an in home shoot as well! As with all sessions, dig deep and find the reason you want this moment captured and then use those emotions to be yourself and enjoy the love around you. Breathe in and enjoy the moment.