Journeyman Distillery Wedding | Three Oaks, MI | Rachel + Andrew

I want to be fully to committed to bringing our couples back to a day they remember with beautiful images, memories of feeling loved, beautiful, and cared for. I went to the Cultivate Workshop to keep myself in line, to stop myself from slipping back into a bad rut. Something that Emily said summed it up and it's been on repeat the days I feel restless and not enough, "you don't have to be right for every couple, you only have to be right for "x" couples. I am not right for everyone and that's okay, it's more than okay. I love our couples and I want them to love us. I want them to feel confident, not pressured, in who they chose to photograph their marriage. When it's right, we are honored, thankful, and SO SO darn happy that we get to witness another love story in the making. Here's one wedding in particular that I am crazy over! We connected with this sweet couple so well and to be honest, we hadn't even met them before their wedding day. We usually try to spend time with our couples before their wedding day, but Rachel and Andrew are from Indiana, live in Seattle, got married in Michigan - so meeting up prior just wasn't an option. It all worked out so well tho, Rachel and Andrew were so welcoming, sweet, and fun. We just clicked and have similar interests (especially TACOS), these are moments and days that I just truly love. I soak them up! We hope to visit them in Seattle someday!