Nashville, TN Couples Session | Candace + Gabe

This is part 2 of some honest thoughts with where I find myself in the photography journey. You can read the first part here.  I get irritated with myself when I am not constantly creating new, fresh content, when I am just going through the motions, I start comparing myself to others, blah, blah. There were months, a couple years ago, when I considering throwing it all in, like giving up. I felt like I wasn't good enough, I felt like I couldn't compare to all the "big whigs" that were now in the industry. I became jealous and bitter. By way of social media, I was always looking at all these forests, mountains; beautiful and unique bouquets and wedding gowns and I was frustrated - frustrated that I couldn't create that content because of the region we live in. I believe joy can be found where you're placed/the time you're in, so I needed to find that joy. Instagram was a huge downer for me, so I stopped posting as much on social media and I stopped looking at it. I knew comparing wasn't fair to our couples. I forced myself to stop focusing on "making it" in the industry and started focusing on what I knew how to do - love our couples and preserve their memories. So many photographers want to get published, be recognized, and live this "glamorous and adventurous" life. And while that's certainly tempting it's not what really matters and I had to stay away. 

I find myself here in this exact spot again. Instagram has again become unhealthy, I find myself scrolling mindlessly for way too long. I get consumed with where other photographers are shooting; how many followers and likes they have. I start getting upset, because honestly, this industry is VASTLY different than it was 12 years ago when I started. Would some of these photographers even do photography in "un travel" worthy places? What if they couldn't even post or share their most prized images? Would they still do it? All these questions and more run through my head while scrolling, I walk away from social media feeling less than, sad, and end up in a bad mood. This isn't fair to my husband or my girls - a ridiculous social media platform cannot determine my worth, nor should I allow it to tear me down or build me up. 

I cannot stop thinking how often we (photographers) are missing the whole point; we are more worried about winning followers, likes, and comments, recognition, and fame. It makes me crazy when I cannot see the difference in the photographers I follow. Everyone looks the same; they use the same presets, same outfit guides, same mountain tops. Photography should be art and art is subjective but it sure doesn't feel like that. We have to listen to our hearts, photograph the couples and the love. Our couples are all that count.

So, I am promising to get back to what matters to us, couples and marriage. So this season I am jumping in wanting only the best for our couples and finding joy in their day and commitments again. I will be taking a break from Instagram for a while, not a complete shutting down, but an intentional break. I will still post pictures of our sweet couples but I will stop feeling the obligation to post; stop scrolling the feed and stories. I will post a photo I love without worrying for hours about the "right" caption; post and done! If you want to message me on Instagram, I would still love to chat (response time could just be lacking), I love conversation and of course, relationship. If you also feel the need for a slight break from social media, join me! Hold me accountable.

Now, since I am more are the pretties :)