Nashville, TN Couples Session | Christine + Alex

I am not sure if typing out a bunch of words is a good idea when you're emotional and restless...but I think I am going to do it anyway. If you only want to see this pretty couple just scroll past all this type. This shoot was part of the 4 day workshop I attended in Nashville, Cultivate Workshop with a bunch of other lady bosses, and led by Emily Magers and Dawn Charles. When I learned about the workshop they were offering in Nashville I was stoked but pushed it back down because it made me nervous - 4 days with no one I know. Anyway, fast forward, Blaine encouraged the trip so I paid my deposit. Going to this workshop was really important to me because I'd been feeling burnt out lately. Another thing is that the photography industry has changed A TON since we started shooting over 10 years ago. I often feel old and frumpy. I know that may sound silly if you're outside this industry, but if you're in this world you might get it. There's literally photographers I look up to who are like 19, have shot weddings for a year, have over 25K followers on instagram, and the list continues. Also, technology changes every 2 seconds so I thought you know, there's probably some new programs/methods to add to my madness. The reason I chose this workshop over others was because it was in Nashville, but mostly because Emily and Dawn were the leaders. Both of these women seemed (from what I knew of them on social media) honest, vulnerable, kind, and of course, talented. They were nothing less than I thought they would be, only more. They poured out all their experiences, shared info, and encouraged us. It was refreshing to spend time with all the ladies at the workshop; creating relationships and realizing we don't all have it together. I never realized just how lonely photography could be when I started doing it. Most of the time you're only interacting with other people like 1-2 days/a week - other than that, you're at the computer editing, emailing, and so on. Editing is huge for me, I really enjoy it, so it was so fun (nerdy, I am sure) that after the shoots, we all would grab our computers to upload and start editing photos. If someone walked into the house we were staying in I am sure it would look pretty funny, 15 girls all editing the same shoot for like 6 hours every night - eating dinner together, drinking wine, and bouncing ideas off one another. Yea, an editing party, basically that's my version of fun! Haha! See how that can be lonely or isolating? I have a lot more I want to say on where I am at currently in all of this, but I am going to save that for the next post. For now, I just want to encourage you to do something that makes you a little uneasy and anxious - be bold! 

Also, this is Christine and Alex, one of the lovely couples who willingly stood in front of 15 cameras - flirted, did everything we asked, and still looked stunning throughout. AND Christine's hair kills me, the color is outstanding, and she told me it was her real color...I am jealous!