Matthiessen State Park Engagement | Shyla + Brandon

I often find myself holding images/sessions I need to post them or blog them at just the right time. I do this with a lot of things actually -- books, outfits, recipes, shampoo, perfume, even some cleaning supplies. Yea, I am crazy! I don't know the exact reason I do this, maybe it's because I feel like if I use it too soon nothing after will compare or what if I wear a new outfit and it gets ruined? I mean the things that could happen are endless..haha. So what do I end up doing with all these things I am holding on to? I just keep them hidden...I try keeping them safe for just the perfect time. The thing is there is no perfect time. Like sometimes I save sweet outfits for the girls and then I completely miss out on them even wearing it, they grow overnight and then the outfit won't even button. Why did I just not let them wear the outfit? Why did I insist they wait? Just wear the pretty dress, spin until you are so dizzy, and enjoy it. Maybe I think too much about things (okay, yes I do!) but I want to enjoy what's here in front of me instead of worrying about what's to come or what might happen if I enjoy it. I feel like I miss out on a lot because of trying to decide the right time for things and make the best plan. So here's a session I have been holding on to. I love this shoot and this couple. I cannot wait for their wedding this fall. Spending a cold, misty day in some canyons getting to know these two was a wonderful day in my books. A day of peace and contentment. Enjoy these beautiful people.