Champaign-Urbana Wedding | Destiny + James

It’s winter and winter means back to blogging and maintenance. I can breathe right now with no major editing in the queue. I love shooting and editing but I am thankful for a bit of a break, it allows me catch up on blogging and updating the site. I have so many weddings to share, I can’t wait to share our couples’ days. I actually even found a few from 2017 that I have to post, crazy! Let’s chat about this couple and their day, shall we? We became fast friends with James and Destiny, I LOVE this couple! Destiny designed her own dress and had it made by a family friend in England. I was crazy over it -it was absolutely gorgeous. Everything about her style was on point :) Their day was such a beautiful representation of their relationship, values, families, tough times, and moments of joy. They incorporated so much worship during their ceremony and it was such a beautiful thing to witness. James is from England and so many people made the trip to support their marriage, it was incredible. For example, BOTH sets of his grandparents made the trip, how beautiful is that? One of my favorite parts of their day was this theme of spring, it was April and it was cold but things were starting to come back to life. Destiny and James had been in a season of winter for so long, waiting and praying, remaining hopeful and it was all coming to fruition. They were starting to feel life arise in their bones again. I am so thankful we got to meet these two, their families/friends, and witness this beautiful love story. It was such an honor. They now are both in England and we cannot wait to visit them someday.