Nashville Couples Session | Megan + Chris

This session was so much fun! We had a trip planned to Nashville last December...because if you haven't heard we love Nashville. It was going to be a "for fun" trip but I decided I had to take some photos while we were there. So I reached out and was connected with this amazing couple. I was so excited to meet them! Megan and Chris were so kind and totally didn't mind that it was basically a family affair since we had our girls with us. We shot for like 45 minutes in this beautiful place that was so fun to explore, then we headed to dinner together. It was so much fun to spend time getting to know Megan and Chris, we have a lot in common with them and the conversation was so easy (minus the crazy, non stop of our girls). We've since gotten to hang out with them again, when we were working in Nashville. We went to church with them and then had lunch together. It is so great forming relationships with people in other cities, sadly though, this is one couple I wished we were in the same city with. They're sweet; patient and kind to our kids; and have really great hearts that love people. We can't wait to hang out you again, Megan and Chris.