Pear Tree Estate Summer Wedding | Joe + Julia

So I’m slightly embarrassed that I’ve not shared this love story yet. During busy season, sharing gets basically put on hold and I enter survival mode — aka: getting couples their photos asap and I care for my kids. I can’t let the embarrassment win here though, I have to share this couple with you. They’re adorable and this was one of our favorite days to capture. The sweetest couple; super lovely friends and family; Pear Tree Estate dinner; fireworks; and more. This was an Assyrian Catholic wedding, which was super cool. I cannot even begin to describe all the dancing - there was dancing all the time - dancing in and out of the house, the church, the reception - it was so fun to capture all the joy of the day. Also, to be totally upfront about how late I am to posting this, Joe and Julia just welcomed their baby boy!!! How exciting is that? They’re parents…yay!