Naperville Couples Session | Sarah + Travis

Sarah and Travis contacted me about shooting a maternity session - it ended up being a sweaty, humid, and buggy day BUT it was beautiful. I loved spending time with them. Sarah works in a library and Travis teaches hair, how fun are these careers? I recently spoke at a middle school about photography and one thing I mentioned as a plus for my job is learning so much about people/places. It’s so true through, I grew up in the central Illinois and while I am certainly not the most sheltered girl, there’s a lot I never really gave thought to or even had exposure to. For example, careers, mostly there are nurses, farmers, factory workers, police officers, teachers around us - all awesome, seriously serving careers. It’s just been interesting and fun to learn about other’s lives, upbringings, and so on. For example, we have a super cute woman chemical engineer, she wears a full body hazmat suit but could be a model (not even kidding). I love it! There’s a gal who teaches yoga/fitness/nutrition. There’s a guy who works in economics and it’s not a bunch of numbers but rather how certain places/people think and use things and how it impacts the community. We’ve met individuals working in politics, leading a NICU team, getting her PhD, studying fashion design, teaching and living in China and so much more. It’s just really fun for me to learn about people, I love it so much. I hope our girls find all life, all people, similarities and differences beautiful, because it really is something! Anyway, Sarah and Travis - they have since been married and had their sweet little boy. He’s just one now (not like I am forever late posting this or anything)! I love this little family, enjoy!